Tuesday, 13 May 2014

As we did in our school times, we started learning, formally, from letters, simple sounds and then words. It opens a new world and new horizons. It has a big impact on us and on our parents but in a few days later it is out of date because new knowledge and new things appear. Step by step, they represent a challenge in life until new devices show up. We panic!!! but soon we try to familiarize with the new things.
and, as if it were magic we start interacting with them and create, edit, publish and share content of our interest with others and we expect they enjoy our thoughts and ideas.
Through time, every day, in spite of the advances in technology we advance as weel making ourselves more literate digitally.
Welcome to my blog.
It has been a very nice experience creating this page, to fulfill a requirement in one of the courses of my master program. From now on, this blog will become a very innovative tool or, better said, a resource to publish my works and it could be a very good opportunity to share them with my students, in the process of learning English.